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Winterizing Your Home

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As we say good bye to summer and welcome the Fall, we need to remember that certain things should be done to keep our homes in good working order and more importantly safe for the upcoming winter months.  We all purchase home insurance pa but we should take every precaution to make sure that we do not need to use it.  The following are some tips to keep your home safe and sound for the upcoming months:

1. Have your Furnace inspected by a HVAC professional.  Make sure that there are no flammable materials near the furnace and consider switching that old thermostat for a new programmable thermostat.

2. Make certain that you Fireplace is ready for operation.  Make sure that the chimney is clean and claer of any debris.  Fireplace fires are very common and can be very destructive.

3. Check all exterior door and windows:  Inspect for craks and entry points for air, use weatherstripping around all doors and windows if needed, switch out all the summer screens.

4. Inspect your roof, gutters and downspouts: Need to avoid ice daming, check all the flashing around the chimney and roof, clean out all gutters to avoid the ise daming, consifer leaf guards on all gutters.

5. Service weather specific equipment:  Get those snow plows and blowers tuned up and ready for use.  make sure you have ice scrapers in each car.  Service all lawn equipment before stowing for winter…

6. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors:  Now is the time to make certain that all are in order or replaced and batteries are replaced.

These are just some tips to make sure that your home is ready for winter.  Everyone needs to buy home insurance uniontown pa but we need to try and not use it if at all possible to keep your rates as low as possible.  Prevention is the key!!  If you have any questions about your home insurance uniontown pa, please call us at 877-897-0641 or visit us at www.sprowlsinsurance.com.  Stay safe and warm this winter!!



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